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Cost of Living in Hong Kong in 2013

We’ve just seen this interesting article on Gateway Hong Kong that details the cost of living in Hong Kong this year – great for anyone interested in moving there.


Like the article implies, the costs can vary according to your preferences on where you live, food etc but we know from experience that you can get by very cheaply if you stick to local goods and services. Of course, if you have relatives that you can stay with or your family has a home there (which may be common for many overseas Chinese), then you can already discount the rent.

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Cramped Hong Kong Rooms From Above

In a country of contrasts, expensive housing has forced many Hong Kong residents to live in tiny cramped conditions. The Society for Community Organisation attempts to draw attention to this issue with a recently commissioned series of photographs taken from above such conditions.





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Samurai Predator 1/6th Figure

Renown Hong Kong based collectible figure makers, Hot Toys, collaborate with artists Takayuki Takeya and Yuji Oniki to create the Samurai Predator, inspired by the 2004 movie Alien vs. Predator.


Whilst the response from collectors has been mixed, we love the mashup of both warrior types, which respect their own battle code of honour. Up for preorder now for availability later in the year, we just wish this figure wasn’t so expensive.



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Superheroes in Hong Kong

Photographer Chow Kar Hoo uses Hong Kong as a backdrop for his superheroes shots. We’re not too keen on the Superman ones, but Spiderman dragging his back alley cart, Batman against the skyscrapers and Kato finally comes home? Pure genius.

See more here on Chow Kar Hoo’s website





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Photos of Hong Kong in the Rain

Christophe Jacrot shot photos of Hong Kong in the rain. Rain in the city isn’t exactly a rarity, but his photos turn the streets into pastel-like visual poetry.







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Airline Logos from China and Hong Kong

Aficionados of Chinese logos might enjoy this collection of airline logos from China and Hong Kong that design Christian Annyas has collated. Here are three below, with more on his site at the following link.

Airline Logos from China and Hong Kong




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Unusual Hong Kong Hot Pots

If you’re familiar with hot pots – the idea of cooking your own meat morsels and vegetables at the table in a boiling hot broth, then perhaps take it to the next level with a few of these unusual variations in Hong Kong.

How about the egg white with salmon stock which starts your meal with a foaming layer of egg white?


Or perhaps try out some crocodile meat instead of beef? Tastes just like pork apparently.


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Hong Kong Public Buses – The Best Ones for Sight-Seeing

CNNGo recommends a number of public bus routes in Hong Kong that are great for a spot of sight seeing. They include 64k, which runs to and from my “home town” of Tai Po and in my opinion, is pretty good at taking you away from the hustle of Kowloon and Hong Kong island.



Hong Kong’s top public bus sightseeing tours

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Best Italian Restaurant outside Italy is in Hong Kong

It should be no surprise that Hong Kong can boast to be a city of eastern culinary delights, but Italian? The 2012 Michelin Guide names Hong Kong’s 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana as the first Italian restaurant outside of Italy to receive its renowned three-star rating.


The homecooking-as-fine-dining restaurant is headed by chef Umberto Bombana, aka King of Truffles, formerly of the renowned Toscana at the old Ritz-Carlton. See here for more about white truffle auctions held at the restaurant each year.


In other news, Tokyo receives the most Michelin stars in the world for the fifth consecutive year. But if you want to stick with Hong Kong stars, keep it affordable and check out the cheapest Michelin-starred dim sum in the world.

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Best Dim Sum in Hong Kong

CNNGo looks at the best dim sum served in Hong Kong based on a variety of criteria. For instance, our favourite place, Tim Ho Wan in Mongkok is great for best value (but not for the queues). Institutions like the Luk Yu Teahouse are there, along with places that offer the best rural experience and the best sense of community.

Check out the best Hong Kong dim sum…


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Dim Sum Badges!