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“Magical Chairs” and “There’s Only One Wayne Lee” – A Double Bill of intercultural theatre as part of London – Beijing Connections

Lumenis Theatre Company in association with Southwark Playhouse presents a double bill:

Magical Chairs by Mary Mazzilli and There’s Only One Wayne Lee by Roy Williams
Directed by Jonathan Man
30th August to 3rd September 2011


Photo by Elaine Wong


A double bill of plays open at Southwark Playhouse for a one-week run on 
30 August 2011 before playing at the Beijing International Fringe Festival

Magical Chairs is an entertainingly absurd short play. Two young lads grappling with growing up and our societal attitudes to youth become two trapped Magicians trying to escape a room filled with chairs. By playing with storytelling the audience is brought to look at universal truths and the consequences of our preconceptions and choices on our youth of today.

By casting British actors of Chinese and African Caribbean descent, Lumenis aims to allude to the global clashes between East and West, old world and new world, head and heart, in a way to deeply appeal and engage with the diverse audiences of London.

There’s Only One Wayne Lee is a unique coming of age tale. Wayne, a bookish British Chinese teen unexpectedly befriends Carl, the British African Caribbean school football captain. Set in 1970s Britain, where intolerance was brazen and rife, this is a fresh exploration of what it means to try to fit in and thrive in contemporary Britain, and the hitherto unseen parallels and divergences between the different diaspora communities.

After opening at Southwark Playhouse, this double bill Magical Chairs and There’s Only One Wayne Lee will go on to play at the Beijing International Fringe Festival in September 2011. Representing the UK this will be the first ever British production to be presented at this pioneering festival.

Lumenis Theatre

Southwark Playhouse

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