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How Bruce Lee Changed the World

To mark the 35th anniversary of Bruce Lee’s death, the History Channel will air a new two-hour documentary, HOW BRUCE LEE CHANGED THE WORLD on May 10th, 2009 at 8pm ET.

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Produced in cooperation with Lee’s family, this documentary looks at how the actor and martial artist’s legacy has shaped and influenced the world since his death.

From the History Channel press release:

He was able to perform superhuman physical feats that have yet to be equaled, such as a two fingered push-up and a lethal blow called the one-inch punch.

Since his death, Lee has been recognized as a visionary who changed not just action movies and martial arts, but an icon that created this very simple image that is endlessly reproducible to this day. From his role as Kato on television’s “Green Hornet” to his groundbreaking debut film “Enter the Dragon,” Lee blew up the stereotype of how Asian characters would be portrayed on screen forever. With no one able to fill the void after his death, a rash of Bruce Lee look-alikes and copycat films emerged inspiring a whole new film genre.

A cinematic journey, this special takes the viewer across the US, Asia and Europe exploring Lee’s influence on popular culture worldwide— even joining Shannon Lee on a trip back to her father’s roots in Hong Kong; nearly fifty years after Lee arrived to make his first kung fu film. HOW BRUCE LEE CHANGED THE WORLD also features in-depth interviews with actor Jackie Chan, comedian Eddie Griffin, rappers LL Cool J and RZA, Marvel Comics’ Stan Lee, and renowned film directors John Woo and Brett Rattner among others. Lee’s friend and business partner famed Hong Kong film producer, Raymond Chow gives a rare interview.


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7 Responses to “How Bruce Lee Changed the World”

  1. DM says:

    I enjoyed the documentary, but the revisionist attitude of leaving any mention of Dan inosanto out of the documentary is a slap in the face to a man who has spent the last 37 years quietly teaching his sifu’s art in its entirety. He teaches other arts to be sure, but its a damn shame that he is ostricized by Shannon and Linda and their cronies…!! Bruce’s son Brandon chose to study with him and acknowledged his role as Bruce’s best friend and training partner.. Its just sad that Bruce’s widow and daughter are so close minded.

  2. Jim says:

    Hi DM, I think I remember you from the Divine Wind forum. Anyway, I believe that Shannon and Linda, especially Shannon, are more interested in commercializing the name of Bruce Lee than honoring it, thats the uncomfortable feeling I have had from seeing Shannon in action anyway. Its pretty sad really, especially seeing as most of us really do respect Dan Inosanto. Its obvious he is anti-commercialism so thats probably why they have alienated him.

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