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New Drama Fever – Asian Video content online!

Seung Bak of new website just got in touch with One Inch Punch to tell us of their new service – a destination site for Asian video content in the US!


They’re in beta at the moment, and they’re starting with Korean TV dramas but eventually dramas from other countries as well as other types of video content (e.g. variety show, music videos, movies, etc.) will be available.


One thing to note is that this service is only available to visitors in the US. The plan is to provide to the whole world, but the restriction is currently due to licensing issues.

Bad news for the rest of us around the world, but at least this makes it a bonafide, legal service! No more creeping around your ISP.

If you’re in the US, here’s some other points:

* Even in beta, are offering by far the best online video experience for dramas in the US…it’s fast, high video streaming quality, and with professional English subtitles

* Currently, people who are interested in these dramas are limited to illegal downloading/streaming sites with generally poor user experience. are legally licensing content from the owners. The early feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

* started their beta with some of the most popular Korean dramas from recent years. They’ll be continuously adding new dramas as well as other types of video content in the coming weeks and months

Interested? The site is still in beta, and you’ll need to register to get access. There’s a bit of a waiting list, but if you register with the priority code ‘OneInchPunch’ you’ll get access faster than the general public (within 1-3 days).

Take a look on!

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  2. sang says:

    where do I go online to watch Korean drama IRIS, I so far watched up to episode 8 but the next episode is missing.

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