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Amazing Japanese Tree Houses

This amazing treehouse was designed by Takashi Kobayashi, one of Japan’s leading tree house creators.


It was created after an advertising agency in Tokyo, commissioned him to design a treehouse for a Nescafé commercial now running on Japanese television.

Mr. Kobayashi built an oval bird’s nest of a house, 12 feet high and 9 feet in diameter, reached by a circular staircase, and the final price for this tree house was about $38,000.

The house is located on a field owned by the town of Kamishihoro, where it remains an enticing, if off-limits, gift from Nestlé, the makers of Nescafé, to the people of Hokkaido.

Here’s another tree house designed by a masters student in Toronto, which poses as a Japanese lantern on stilts.


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  1. [...] Well, the FreshHome blog has posted the 8 of the most amazing tree houses ever built. I posted the Japanese examples on my other site, but this one below is a rather funky design, which sticks out in a forest, but to my mind still works. [...]

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