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Introducing the Latest Extreme Sport in Japan : Extreme Ironing!

Ok, maybe not the latest extreme sport, but this global activity has created groups around the world and Japan boasts the largest active extreme ironing group.

EIJ, Extreme Ironing Japan, takes great pride in the sport of Extreme Ironing, which currently consists of 5 different styles of extreme ironing at this time: Freestyle, Urban, Rocky, Forest, and Water.



See below for more Extreme Ironing in action!

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Check out Extreme Ironing Japan’s website

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14 Responses to “Introducing the Latest Extreme Sport in Japan : Extreme Ironing!”

  1. wow very interesting ive never sence anything like this in my entire life I’d really like to watch someone do this.

  2. Colin Hynes says:

    That last one brings a new sense to the scent “outdoor fresh”

  3. [...] ┬áIt is not new, but it’s not something that’s often covered on cyclingnews (unlike Extreme Japanese Keirin Ironing). There’s no official rulebook, but like any bike race it only takes two or more people. Some [...]

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