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Fantastic Vintage Decorative Shanghai Style Advertising Posters

Zitantique has a fantastic collection of posters from the 1930′s Shanghai era, that you can buy. These decorative posters might make a good addition to an oriental vintage interior style, or you can simply check them online for a bit visual and cultural inspiration.


The poster above is a Twin Beauty brand cosmetics advert. See more examples below and a bit of information about the contexts.

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1928 Vintage Kwong Sang Hong (a company based in Hong Kong) advertising poster:


The following vintage poster was an advertisement for Leopard Eng Aun Tong Pharmacy company. This poster also features the creator’s signature, which indicated that this would have been a well known artist at the time, as only well known artists were allowed to sign their names during that period.


The sitting monk poster below is actually an advertisement for a calming medicine available in the thirties in China. This medicine supposedly had a very strong calming effect. As depicted in this advertisement, a monk is surrounded by seven scantily clad women and not tempted. The message is subtle but would have been clear to someone living at the time. Love it.


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