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Twenty foot Giant Squid Plush toys and more..

Cassandra Nguyen was recently featured in issue 47 of Giant Robot Magazine with an interview about her stuffed giant squid toys. They look pretty unique and probably not as scary as they could be, considering their size.


They do come in a variety of sizes, and are all hand-made, therefore may be a little pricey, with “adoption” costs varying from a few hundred dollars to $1800 for this rather large red geezer above. His name is Archibald, with other squids on the site called names like Frank, Wilhelmina and Benedict.

Giant Robot Magazine

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2 Responses to “Twenty foot Giant Squid Plush toys and more..”

  1. Somak Mondal says:

    where can i get one of those things

  2. Jenii Gonzalez says:

    I really buy one of these! Is there any one that can tell me a working website I can use to buy one!?!?! i hope she still does this!!! I saw a picture of a 15 foot red Archibald and knew I need to love one forever!

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